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Emotional Literacy, Resilience, and Reform,

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Painful Emotions, Why me?


It’s completely natural to feel angry and hurt if your partner rejects you, but holding onto this feeling for years will make it impossible for
you to move into a healthier relationship.  Losing loved ones can make it difficult to move on, but holding on to
these feelings for years only prolongs your unhappiness.  

So what makes us cling to our negative emotions? The events of our life determine the patterns we follow. If, for example, your parents always told you to go to bed when you were naughty as a child, you may connect going to bed with negative feelings.  Your brain plays a large part in this process. It assigns an emotion to every piece of incoming sensory information.  If your muscles get tense when you argue with someone, they’ll probably tend to do so in the future. In fact, this bodily signal can alert you to your anger. The trick is to recognize these patterns and their underlying causes.  

There is a story about a lonely little girl who tries to get the attention of her busy and depressed father by doing things for him or helping him whenever he’s feeling down. When she finds her behavior succeeds in getting him to notice her, she repeats this pattern. Shandra believes that if she doesn’t take care of her father, she won’t get his love. Her experiences growing up  teaches her that love comes at a price.  As a result, when she becomes an adult, her relationships with men are unsuccessful due to her exaggerated care-taking, whether it’s a lover, employee, or business partner. She finds herself being sucked dry and ends up avoiding relationships. Her loneliness upsets her, but she probably doesn’t know why her relationships with men don’t work. Shandra must dig deep to uncover the negative contract made with her father and reverse it. she must be ready for initial difficulties before she can ease into the new and positive pattern.

The men in her life may not like her new attitude. They can no longer count on her unconditional support and affection. However,
Shansra's new attitude will eventually benefit everyone involved. While she will realize she deserves love and doesn’t have to pay for it, the men will become more independent by looking after their own welfare.  Shandra may need the help of a professional counselor to understand the underlying cause for her unhappiness and be able to move forward.  Don’t hesitate to find the right guidance if you can’t determine a cause for a negative pattern of emotions in your life.

Until next time grace and peace

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Painful Emotions; Make it Stop!

Painful situations are a part of life, but your perception of these situations makes all the difference. If you’re holding onto painful
memories and feelings, these are very likely keeping you from leading a happy life.

Negative emotions such as fear and heartache can affect your body and mind, leading to dysfunctional relationships, depression, stress, and disease. So it’s important to not only be aware of your emotions, but also what you can do to release them.

You’ve probably noticed that anger and fear make your heart beat faster and your neck muscles tense up. Maybe you get goose bumps
or your blood pressure rises. These reactions are your body’s way of telling you that it’s under duress.

Constant anger causes stress on your heart, which can lead to cardiac arrest. Arguing with someone for a long time can lead to exhaustion.You should take heed and protect yourself from these corrosive emotions.

Bottling up negative emotions can also lead to rashes, nausea, constipation, dry throat, bloating, headaches, and difficulty sleeping.
When you notice these symptoms, try to determine the reason. People suffering from these ailments often visit doctors for relief, but very seldom is there an identifiable pathological cause for these symptoms.

If you’re angry, depressed, or anxious, it’s important to find out why and do something about it.      

Until Next time, grace and peace,

#Painfulemotion #emotion #emotionalreform #emotionalresilience  #emotionalliteracy #emotionalhealing

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